Thursday, July 19, 2012


Can we all just take a second and appreciate the beauty of this apricot pie? It's really quite stunning, if I do say so myself, and also totally delicious.

The CSA apricots were a little underripe, which made them not very satisfying for eating, but extremely satisfying when lightly coated in sugar and baked into a tart, according to this Apricot Tart recipe. The crust is a very simple butter-based pie crust, and the filling is literally apricots, sugar, and a tiny bit of salt.

While I was baking a pie, Phredward baked this bread:

The recipe is his standard challah recipe, but then instead of braiding it, he just left it in a big circle. Stealth challah.

So, what else did I do with the CSA vegetables? Well, the broccolini was steamed, topped with tahini, and devoured. Broccoli and tahini are simply too delicious together for me to have much patience with anything else.

Some of the cucumbers and onions went into a sweet-and-sour cucumber salad (cucumbers, onions, salt, apple cider vinegar, water, sugar), and the rest were eaten raw with the kohlrabi, cut into cubes and tossed with lemon juice.

I made the beet and kohlrabi greens into this amazeballs frittata:

The photo is crap, but the frittata was excellent, full of the aforementioned greens plus the CSA scallions and cheddar cheese. I think eating the green tops of your CSA vegetables is pretty much the Nose-to-Tail of vegetarian cooking, and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with myself for being so efficient.

Beets - roasted with the CSA rosemary, cut into cubes, tossed with goat cheese.

I made the kale into kale pesto, which was totally new and different. If you follow that recipe, I recommend re-adding the parmesan cheese that the author left out.

And finally, the zucchini and remaining onions were made into my regular, never-fail standby of zucchini pashtida. The recipe goes more or less like this:

  • Slice 3-4 zucchinis and 2 onions in a food processor.
  • Mix with 1.5 cups of flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup oil, 3 eggs, 1 Tbsp soup bouillon, salt, and pepper. A pinch of crushed red pepper is nice but optional. Fresh dill is lovely, but I didn't have any this time.
  • Pour into a large greased Pyrex dish, bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until brown on top.
So, what's left of last week's vegetables? Some peaches, some scallions, one kohlrabi, and one cucumber. All in all, I think we did pretty well.

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  1. MMMM apricot pie.
    Chris FORGOT to pick up our veggies this week.