Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CSA Week #1

Check this out, an actual blog!! If you're reading this, you almost certainly know who I am, so I'll skip the introductions and jump into the content. Today was the first pickup day for the West Village CSA. Here's what we got:

  • One bunch radishes, with greens
  • One bunch rhubarb
  • One head Red Sail lettuce
  • One head Buttercrunch lettuce
  • One bunch Mizuna
  • Two bunches Suehlihung mustard greens
  • 6 garlic scrapes
  • One bunch sage with edible flowers
It actually should have been two Red Sail lettuces and only one bunch of mustard greens, but I swapped since I doubt we'll make it through the lettuce.

Here's a tentative plan for using it up:

I'm currently making a pot of potato soup, with the radish greens chopped into it, and the rest of a box of arugula I wanted to use up. It's experimental and I made it up, so who knows how it will turn out, but I'm hopeful that it will be good cold, too. Today is in the 60s and rainy, so it's a good soup day, but I know this is just a pause before the rest of No-Pants Summer, so I don't want to count on wanting hot soup.

Dinner tonight is going to be broiled chicken breasts on mixed lettuce salad, with red peppers, grapes, radishes, and sage flowers. Maybe red onion. I'm thinking honey-mustard dressing. Tomorrow or at some point later this week, I'm going to saute the mustard greens with the garlic scrapes. One more salad dinner will be needed to use up the lettuces. I'll probably dry most of the sage.

Then, for the mizuna and the radishes, I was thinking about making this soba noodle salad. And finally, rhubarb streusel muffins.

So far, this blog hasn't mentioned any of the things in the title (although I do plan to drink coffee while eating the muffins, of course), so here's a picture of Cookie for your enjoyment:


  1. Its funny you traded lettuce for mustard greens. When I was in a CSA, I would've killed to get more lettuce (which I eat daily) and no mustard, turnip, collard, or any other greens.. :)

  2. Greens cook down to nothing, so the small bunch that they give would barely be one serving. I love cooked greens and don't care about lettuce.

  3. I love mustard greens, kale, collard etc. I add some liquid smoke which makes everything awesome. :-)